Which is The best operating system? Linux vs Windows vs MAC ?

What is the Operating system OS?

hello everyone do you have a computer or laptop of your own? if you reading this you must have a laptop or computer. are you a Windows operator or a Linux or a mac user? do you ever think about which os is the best operating system?

today we will compare 3 operating systems and find out which operating system is the best operating system and which one should we use. before starting I will let you know that an operating system is an interface between the computer user and computer hardware.

Which OS is Best For You?

when we are talking about the best os it is unidentified because every os has its benefits some os is easy to use whereas some are very fast to use some have many features but some have good security. we will be talking about every comparison here so that we will find out which os is good for us.


when we are talking about MAC OS it cannot afford by everyone because the MAC operating system generally comes in apple devices. yes, there are many alternate methods available that can help you to install this os on your laptop or computer.

Now the problems which comes with MAC os are the software is very costly but the speed and the UI are the best as compared the other os you may be found less security and features available in MAC OS but the speed and user interface are great this operating system if you have many to buy apple device then I will suggest you that you have to purchase.

for gaming, it may be the best operating system because it is faster than the others.


when we are talking about Linux it is almost similar to mac os but has some different features and the security is very good of this os you will never face any problems relating to malware and viruses.

speed is almost the same as mac os but has to do some tasks with commands as it is not easy to use when you are going to install a particular app. you may be facing some problems regarding installing the software.

for gaming, it is not good as the other os are so if you are a gamer it is difficult to use so don’t prefer it if you play games on the operating system.

Windows Operating system

So windows are using almost everyone because it has a good user interface and is easy to use and good for gaming also but it is a little bit slower than the other os and has less security than the other.

almost every type of game is available on windows so if you are a gamer you can choose windows.  and for the people who are working on ms office, it is also good for those because ms office is available only on windows

So which OS is best?

everyone has their own choices you can compare and find which one is good for you because everyone needs it differently some want security some want faster and some want games so the choice is yours.

if you want to change your os let me know I will guide you, this is not difficult so if you want to switch from Windows to Linux or any other operating system just comment down we will guide you are you can directly contact me, thanks

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