Top Best Low Spec Games Games That Can Run On Low Spec PC ( 2023 UPDATE)

Low Spec Games– List of some of the best low spec games for pc, that can run on low spec computers or laptops. How to Download Low-Spec games

Low Spec PC Games That Can Run On 1GB Ram

Hello everyone, Today I am Going To show you some good pc games that can run on your low-spec desktop or laptop. I will share some best games that I played when I had a 2 GB ram PC.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find good games that can be run on 1 or 2 GB ram. but Don’t Worry I will help you out of this problem so that you can also play games and enjoy them.

There are many games available in the market which are good enough to play and have good graphics. you never feel like you are playing a baby game. these Low Spec games have very high demand. but today I am going to share a website with all of you, where you can download paid games for free.

Low Spec Games for PC

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#1. Need For Speed Most Wanted ( Car Racing Game )

Low Spec Games-

NFS Most Wanted ( Need For Speed) is a car racing game based on the movie NFS. It is a highly Graphic game that can also run on a 1 or 2 GB ram desktop. It can take up to 20 GB of storage. you can play this game using a joystick or a controller. or you can simply play with the keyboard.

If you like to play racing games and love speed, this will be the best game. I am sure you will gonna love this game after you play. Don’t forget to come again and give a review of this game in the comment section.

If you are not able to purchase this game and want it for free, I will share with you the website where you can easily download and play it.

#2. Max Payne ( On A Mission Game)

Low Spec Games-

Max Payne is a stealth mission game by rockstar games. This is one of the amazing games on low-spec games. many missions have to complete in this game and this game will entertain you from the beginning to the end of the game.

The story of this stealth game is very interesting. there are 2 more games released on max Payne story. but that games are high-specific games. max Payne will be run on your pc if you have 1 or 2 GB Ram.

This game worth playing, you should try this game once then you will like it. I will share the download link at the end of this article. you can simply download it from there.

#3. Resident Evil (Zombie Game)

Low Spec Games-

Resident Evil 1 is a horror zombie game, based on the movie resident evil. This game is so amazing when I was playing this game I enjoyed it. It is my Strong advice to play this game. it’s worth playing. If your PC is too old, then you might suffer from slow loading upon starting this game.

Very few peoples know about this game because it is not so popular game as the second part is released in about the same period, and people start playing the 2nd part that cant is run on 1 GB ram. but can run on 2 GB ram. want to download this game? go to the end of this article.

#4. Project IGI I’m Going In ( Top Level Mission Game)

Low Spec Games-

Project IGI is a stealth Top Level mission game. Well When I purchased my laptop, this game was my first game. I enjoy it. And I am sure that if you have not played this game yet, you will also enjoy playing this game like me.

There is one more game released on IGI that can be played on 2 GB Ram. and also IGI team announce this year that IGI Origins Which is IGI 3 Is also going to be released by this year or next year. I Want to tell you that If you want to play a good game, Go for this game, it is amazing.

#5. Metro Last Night (Shooting Game)

Low Spec Game-

Metro Last Night is a First-person shooting game. This is also a good game to play, as the story of this game is very heart-touching. you will have a try this game will make your day cool. watch the trailer of this game, you will like it.

guys if you are confused that where to find this game you can download it and play it. I will give you a link to a website, where you can find almost every game. from low-spec games pc to high-spec games for pc.

#6. Super Mario World ( Small Adventure Game)


Low Spec Games-

Super Mario is a small windowed adventure game. now you all are thinking that is why I give you the advice to play this game. Believe me, This game is still worth playing. there are many games released on the market like SUPER MARIO BROS is also an amazing game to play.

I gonna give you a guarantee that you will like this game just download it and play it on your PC. this is a low-spec pc game and can run on 512MB Ram also. there is still no game available like Mario, We just love Mario.

#7. Spiderman Pc game ( Adventure game)


 Description of the game-

Superman is a Play station game but it is also available on PC. the graphics of this game is awesome. controls and other things are also awesome. It maybe not run in 1 GB but you can try. If you have 2 GB of ram then it will run.

I love this game, and also want to give you advice to play this game. you will be going to love this game after you play. and please don’t forget to come again and comment about the review of this game.

#8. Hitman 2 (stealth shooting game)

Low Spec Games-

Hitman 2 is a stealth shooting game based on the movie hitman. look at the trailer of this game. isn’t awesome? I just love this game when I was playing, I used to play full day. and I am sure you will also like this game.

Hitman 2 is a low-spec game, you can simply run it on your pc if you have a low-end pc. you can get the download link at the end of this article.

#9. Assassins’ Creed 2 (Fighting mission game)

Low Spec Games-

Assassins’ Creed 2 is a famous fighting game, it is based on the story of the movie assassins’ creed. The best part of the game is its control and the scenes. watch the trailer of this game you will like it very much. the first part of the assassin’s creed is also available you can play it too.

It is a highly graphic game but it can run on 1 or 2 GB pc easily because it is a highly compressed game. The storyline of the game is so awesome, you will like to fight against the villains of this game.

#10. Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones ( Mission game)

Low Spec Games-

Prince of Persia The two thrones is an awesome game by IGN. It is a mission game, where you have to fight with the enemy and protect the stone. It is a good game to play. Controls are very good of this game and have good in-game graphics.

It is a low-spec pc game, it can run on 1 GB of Ram easily. I will sure if you play this video game then you will gonna love this game. This game is low spec so you can play it easily withing any lagging.

#11. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter (War Game)

Low Spec Games-

Now, attention guys, Now I am going to show you some best games on the list, it has very good graphics so it may be lagging in 1 GB Ram but In 2 Gb it will run fine.

Medal Of Honor Warfighter is a war shooting game, where you have a mission in the war against enemies. this game is awesome. when you play this game, you will like real. it is fully based on war. as this game is low spec, you can play this game on your PC.

You Can simply download this game from the game is available here. and also this game will take a little bit more storage on your device so make sure that you have free storage to install this game on your device.

#12. Saints Row The Third ( Open world game)

Low Spec Games-

Saints Row The third is the 3rd game of that game series, you can also play the other two games of Saints row. This Game is based on an open world where you can do anything like GTA and Watchdog.

Saints Row can be played on 1 or 2 GB ram as this is a low-spec game. Also, this game gives you a mission That you have to complete, and win the mission. Leave a comment in the comment section if you like this game.

#13. Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within ( Fighting Mission Game)

Low Spec Games-    

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within is also a fighting mission game it is the prequel game series of the prince of Persia the two thrones game. It is also a very interesting game to play. You can simply download it and play it on your 1 GB Ram Device.

The same franchise has also released a brand new game called Prince of Persia forgotten sands. but that is not going to run on your PC, It requires a minimum of 2 or more GB of ram to run on your Pc.

#14. The Wither 2 (Open world Fight Game)

Low Spec Games-

Witcher 2 is an open-world fight game. This is a low-spec game you can play this game on your low-end pc. The first game of this game series that is Witcher 1 will also run on a low-end pc. The game is amazing, everyone should try this game once.

There is also a high-end pc game of this game series available on the market witcher 3. if you have 4 or above GB of Ram, you can play Witcher 3.

Now Guys, As I promised to you, all these games can be downloaded bt this website click here to access this website. Don’t forget to comment about this list and which game you like the most.

or download it from here:

List of Low spec pc Games

  1. Need For Speed Most Wanted
  2. Max Payne
  3. Resident Evil
  4. I’m Going In
  5. Metro Last Night
  6. Super Mario
  7. Spiderman
  8. Hitman 2
  9. Assassin’s Creed 2
  10. Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones
  11. Medal Of Honor: Warfighter
  12. Saints Of Row
  13. Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within
  14. The Witcher 2

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