MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR – Price, Specs, Release date

The MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR is a fantastic replacement for the Ghost Pro GS60 in general.
The hardware within is also a fantastic bundle to have in such a small container, and the
design and build quality have also improved.

I never had any issues with it handling or using it as a productivity laptop, and if you can
handle the heat, I think this is also a capable gaming machine. A good FHD IPS panel, a
subpar FHD TN panel for BestBuy models (beware), or a pricey and power-hungry 4K
alternative are the available screen options. Continue reading to learn more.

MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR – Specifications

The specifications document GS63VR MSI Stealth Pro

  • 1.56-inch, 1920 x 1080, IPS, 120 Hz, wide-angle display
  • Wide angle, PLS, 15.6 inch, 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Quad-core 2.6 GHz Intel Skylake Core i7-6700HQ processor (3.5Ghz boost)
  • Intel HD 530 and a 6GB GDDR5 VRAM NVIDIA GTX 1060 video
  • 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz memory (2 x DIMMs)
  • 128 or 512 GB M.2 SATA storage plus 1 TB 5200 rpm HDD

The Stealth Pro GS63VR is a modern MSI laptop that is similarly small and light. It’s
basically a new version of the Ghost Pro GS60, but for some reason MSI chose to call it the
Stealth. In any case, the 15″ model in their thin and light series is a seriously powerful

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MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR – Display

In general, MSI laptops have a nice appearance. The MSI GS63 Stealth-010, thankfully, is
not an exception.

Undoubtedly, MSI uses top-notch components to build several of their laptops. The MSI
GS63 Stealth-010 sports a lithium-magnesium case with a brushed metallic finish in terms of construction.

In fact, the surface of this laptop’s shell is smooth and pleasant to the touch. The laptop’s
body is entirely black, with the exception of certain crimson linings that give it a stunning

Two vertical trims can be seen on the left and right sides of the lid, as well as small curves all the way around the corners. In addition to these trims, the lid’s centre is adorned with a red MSI logo.

MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR Refresh Rate

For clarity, the refresh rate of a computer display is the rate at which it draws new images
per second. In addition to having an IPS panel, this display also has a 120 Hz refresh rate
and a response time of 3 ms.

Furthermore, the refresh rate of the display may be just as crucial as the clock speed of the
GPU. This is due to the fact that, even though your laptop’s GPU can render several frames
per second, you will only see as many as the display can draw.

MSI Stealth Pro GS63VR Review and initial impression

As soon as I initially picked up the laptop, I was amazed. It is in fact a scaled-down version
of the earlier MSI Ghost Pro GS60. The thickness, weight, and overall footprint are all a little bit smaller. The two most enticing qualities of this laptop are its low weight of less than 4 pounds and its high power.
Overall, the construction is of very high quality. I don’t believe this has any weak points about which I would be concerned. After utilising the GS73VR, my initial inclination was to scan the area for sharp edges, but I was unable to locate any. No matter how I hold it, it always seems quite solid and manageable. MSI did a fantastic job.

Consequently, the 120 Hz refresh rate of this laptop’s display ought likely result in smoother, crisper visuals. enhancing the laptop’s overall gaming experience in the process.
Over the GS60, the cooling system has been improved. Like before, the CPU and GPU are
individually cooled, although this time the GPU has two fans rather than one. However, the
single CPU fan was updated as well because it is now considerably quieter and operates at
lower speeds than previously.

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