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PC Games For Windows 7 – Today, In this article, I am going to show you how can you get the best game for like GTA Vice City, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, IGI3, Prince of Persia, and Racing Car game and many other popular games.

PC Games For Windows 7

If you are searching for PC Games For Windows 7, Today I am going to show you how can you simply find PC Games site for Windows 7 from the internet, without searching a lot for a game. I know many peoples search daily for games but they did not find a website where they can them.

Many of the websites are selling paid games but did you know you can get the best game for (  not all games but most of them)? From now on you can any game that you won’t easily because I am going to help you with this.

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Let’s See Some PC Games Site 

There are many pc games sites on the internet where you can get the best game forBut you can not find a PC game on 1 website. So I will share some pc game sites , you can check out your game if that is available there.


No.1 The PC Games (pc games for windows 7)



ThPcGames is an awesome place for PC games, This is the best site for pc games, Here you can get many more games, almost all games are available at ThePcGames. You can simply follow the steps and get pc games.

Their games are of very good quality and mostly all the games are properly worked. loading speed is also very nice so that you can’t suffer from buffering.

I am also a huge fan of Thepcgame because I am also a gamer, and being a gamer, I like the way they serve games. also, you can request there if you want any game that is not available there. They will upload that game as soon as possible.

they take care of their visitors, if you have any problem related to the games they provide then simply you can comment there. they will reply and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

No.2 Apun Ka Games (pc games for windows 7)


Visit This Website

Apun Ka games is also a big platform for gamers, Here you can find and get pc games for simply. You can also request your game they will upload it there as soon as possible.

being a game, I am also using this website along with the other website, I like apunkagames and suggest you also visit. I am sure you will like apun ka games. it is easy to use and easy to there.

Many popular games like call of duty and many more games are available there, you can also get your game by part. many users do not have WIFI in their homes. So they can simply parts one by one and at last combine them to get the full game.

No.3 The PC Games Top(pc games for windows 7)


Visit This Website

Pc games  top is a great platform for mid-specification games, here you can find big games in low GB space. If your Pc or laptop has less storage and you want to play good graphics games then you should try this website, they compressed the games and make that less storage.

I used this website when I have a 1 TB storage PC. I recommended you use this website if you want to play mid-spec games.

At pc games top many games are available for there, you can go and check out the games available there. also, you can request a game from there, you will get your game as soon as possible.

No.4 My Real Games


Visit This Website

Mu real games are also the best platform for low-spec pc gamers, you can play online games on their website, and small games like Mario bros subway surfers, and many more interesting games are available.

You can go and check out the games thereby clicking on the above-mentioned button. also don’t forget to comment down that you like the website or not. I like this website very much.

Users who have low-specification laptops or computers, can go and play these games. these games are small in size and interesting to play, many multiplayer games are also available there.

What are the popular games for PC

So, there are many games, right? But what to play? If you are confused that which games are popular and worth playing, Don’t worry I am here to help you. I will suggest some games that I played in the past year.

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1. GTA Vice City 

GTA Vice City is An action-adventure open-world game. In this game, you can do anything that can be done in real life. You can steal anyone’s car, can go to a bar, drive a car, bike, helicopter, train, and many more things you can do in this game.

The best thing about this game is the control of the game, anyone can play this game easily because it is easy to control. It is the most popular game all over the world. there are also many games released in GTA like GTA san Andreas. and many modes are also available.

There are many modes of GTA Vice City available on the internet where all the missions are pre-activated and many cheat codes are given to use, but I suggest you play this game fairly. if you use modes or cheat codes then this spoiled your interest in the game.

This game is not so bigger, so you can play this game if you have at least 1 GB of Ram and 5 GB of storage space available in your device disk. if you have 2 or more GB of Ram then it will run smoothly on your device.

GTA Vice City is an awesome game, go and play GTA Vice City.

2. IGI 3 (I’m Going In)

if you are a gamer who loves shooting game like me and want to complete the shooting mission Here is the IGI 2. yes IGI 2, and IGI 3 is not available yet, because it has not been released. but I will inform you whenever it is available.

make sure that you follow this blog to get amazing games. Now coming to our game IGI is a stealth shooting game for mid-spec pc gamers. IGI has many interesting missions that take you to another level of gaming and you can experience a real game.

IGI 2 is one of my favorite games, and I know if you played this game you will also like this game. This game is easy to play and the controls are pretty much awesome.

You can simply get this game by going through the website I’ve mentioned above and playing on your device. it can run on 1 or 2 GB of ram and need only 5 Gb of storage in your device to play this game.

3. Prince Of Persia

Prince of Persia is an awesome and mind-blowing game, I think this game has a unique fan base in the gaming industry. There are 3 parts to this game, all are worth playing. graphics in very good quality.

Prince is Persia is one of the best games available on the internet. if you ever played this game then you might know that this game is the best game of all.

You can easily get this game by visiting pc game sites. prince of Persia is available there. if you have 2 GB or more Ram then this game is smoothly run on your pc or laptop. it takes storage of about 10 GB, so make sure you have storage space in your disk.

pc games on windows 7

1. Thepcgame

2. apunkagames

3. pcgamesfreetop

4. myrealgames

Don’t forget to comment about your favorite game, if you have any problem with this article contact us

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