How To Protect Your Laptop or Computer From Viruses & Malwares

 What Are Virus And Malware?

A virus is a malicious piece of computer that is designed to spread from device to device that can harm your computer in many ways.

It is a subset of Malware that can destroy the computer files that you have stored in your folders and also can steal your data from a computer. it can also slow down your computer and can damage the computer’s processor.

How To Protect Your Laptop or Computer?

This is very important to protect your computer from viruses because if you don’t do anything about it you may be suffering from data loss in the future.

to protect your computer or laptop you can purchase an antivirus that can protect your computer from all viruses and malware. for some users, it may be costly for them to purchase an antivirus but remember one thing never use free antivirus on your computer.

How do protect you your laptop or computer without antivirus?

If you are not able to purchase antivirus you can protect your computer manually and it will protect your pc or laptop in a good manner.

first of all, you should remember some security things which you generally ignore

  • Never install unknown software from unknown sources.
  • Never allow pop-up notifications when you browsing.
  • Don’t go to unknown sites which contain paid ads.
  • do not connect to any network which is not yours like wifi Bluetooth etc
  • Do not have access to any USB or Pendrive which is not verified.
  • always clear your cookies and temp files.
  • Do not give any unnecessary permission to any software.

How To Fast Up Your Pc or Laptop

you generally notice that your pc sometimes runs slow this is because of the temporary files which are stored in your pc when you use your pc. To fast up your pc you need to clear those temp files so that pc can run smoothly.

for doing that follow the steps:

  1. For window, users go to Search bar. and search %temp%.
  2. Press Enter key. and select all (shift+A).
  3. Press delete. done

How To Uninstall Unnecessary Software From Pc?

Sometimes we mistakenly install some unnecessary software on your pc and then that software is not showing on the desktop. and you leave that as it is, but it may be a cause of slow down your pc or laptop. I am going to tell you how can you remove or uninstall that software.

for doing so please follow the steps:

  1. Go to the search bar and search the Control panel.
  2. Now go to uninstall a program.
  3. Select the software which you want to uninstall. and click uninstall.

Software Which Can Protect Your PC?

There is much of software available on the internet which can protect your pc or laptop. some of them are paid and some are not. most trial software is not working well as they are not so much effective. in this case, you need to know which software is working and protects your pc or which ones are not working. I am going to tell you about the software which is available for both paid and non-paid. so I am talking about CC Cleaner it is the most trusted software which can protect your pc and clean up your pc from temporary files which can slow down your pc. you can use this software for your pc to protect from viruses and malware.


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