Samsung Balance Mouse – Price, Features, Launch Date?

Samsung Balance Mouse – Ai Smart Mouse

Samsung is soon going to launch a Smart Mouse that is built with the concept of over-working. This automatic Mouse is known as “Samsung’s Balance Mouse” which is going to be a Smart mouse.

Samsung Balance Mouse is made to improve the work-life balance that’s why it is called a Balance Mouse.

Basically, This Smart mouse will help people Not to Work when they work for a long time. it will remind people to take a break. as you know, many people are very self careless; they work overtime, which eventually harms their health.

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What Will Be The Price of Samsung’s Balance Mouse


Well Samsung has just launched a Video That shows its Features and till now Samsung has not yet revealed the price of the Samsung Balance Mouse However, we can assume the price. So it has some smart features so we can say that the Price of the Samsung Balance Mouse in The USA is about 40 to 50 Dollars.


Features of Samsung’s Smart Balance Mouse

Let’s Talk about the awesome features that the Samsung Balance Mouse has. Well, it has some smart features these are:-

  1. It Senses that you are working for a long time so it stops you to work and reminds you to take a break by running away from you. and even after you catch it, it will leave the outer surface and runs away from you and hide.
  2. built quality is soo good and this balance mouse comes from Samsung so you don’t have to worry about the quality.
  3. it looks like real mice and is very fascinating.
  4. it will automatically charge itself by automatically going to its charging case when the battery is about to die.
  5. it will help you to improve your work-life balance.
  6. it is very comfortable to use, and that will rest your hand.
  7. it will be a budget mouse so that you can afford it easily. at least less than an apple mouse.


Launch Date of Samsung Balance Mouse

Well, The launch Date of the Samsung Balance Mouse is not confirmed by Samsung Yet but we can expect that it will be in the sale by the end of 2022.

However, if we got some news about the launch date of the Samsung Balance Mouse, we will update you here so make sure to subscribe to our blog to get updated with all these types of news.

Samsung Balance Mouse Review

Samsung Balance Mouse is a great choice for people who are looking for a good ergonomic mouse that is compatible with their Mac. It will be one of the few ergonomic mice that are available for Mac, and it Will be also one of the best ergonomic Mice on the market. The mouse has a unique design that is based on the human hand, and it is very comfortable to use. The mouse is also very light, and it is very easy to maneuver.

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