Tesla Model Pi Phone – Price, Specs, Release Date?

Tesla Pi Phone – Very strong rumors are coming from various trusted sources that Tesla an electric car manufacturing company by Elon musk is going to launch a smartphone soon, Called “Tesla Model Pi Phone“.
In this article, we will discuss everything about this smartphone, that you must know. we will discuss the Tesla Model Pi Release Date, tesla pi phone Specifications, and the expected price of the Tesla Model Pi Phone.

Tesla’s New smartphone is not an ordinary smartphone, It is going to be the next-generation smartphone.

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Tesla is Going to Launch Their Own Tesla Model Pi Phone

Tesla Model Pi Smartphone is going to launch soon by Tesla, this smartphone will be more Stronger, Smart, and Fast with many features.

We all know that Elon musk always comes with something extraordinary or something unique from others, so we can relate that this tesla Model Pi Smartphone is not going to be a simple smartphone at all.

Everyone calls this smartphone “Tesla Pi Phone Price” that sounds really awesome and this smartphone is also going to be an excellent smartphone.

As we know tesla is a famous company in today’s world, it is one of the best car manufacturing companies that make electric cars, Elon Musk owns this company.

When will Tesla Model Pi Phone Officially Launch?

Well, there is no confirmation about the release date of the TESLA MODEL PI PHONE however, we can say that this Tesla Model Pi Phone is going to launch in this year in 2023.

as this phone is a next-generation smartphone it requires time to be built. First, It will Launch in the USA United States of America then it will release in other states like India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

Tesla Model Pi Phone is going to be the craziest smartphone, as it comes with unbelievable features that make this smartphone a next-generation smartphone. as I have already told you this smartphone is not going to be a simple ordinary smartphone.

Tesla Model Pi Phone comes with Nura-Link Feature, this feature allows you to control your smartphone without touching it. it is fully controlled by your brain. it catches the signals from your brain to control the smartphone.

Tesla Model Pi Phone uses star link connectivity that gives you a superfast connection, almost 200Mb download and uploading speed at any region in the world, it directly uses the connection from SpaceX Star-Link.

This phone is made to operate even when you are on mars. and tesla mode pi will have the feature to mine mars cryptocurrency.

Also, the Tesla Smartphone is going to be most compatible with Tesla Cars.

What Will be the Tesla Model Pi Phone Price in the USA?


It is likely to be said that the Tesla Pi Phone Price is above $1,059.89 USD in the USA which means almost 80000 Rupees in India. However, this price is not officially confirmed but we can assume the best.

From the reports, we can say that the Tesla pi phone price can vary from country to country. which means The tesla phone price in the united states is different from the price in other countries.

Brand Tesla
Model Tesla Model Pi
Launch Date 2023, October
Status Available
Price ₹70,000 To ₹80,000


The price of the tesla Pi Phone will be the high range of smartphones. because it has a rare specification that is too costly, we can say that price of this smartphone will be greater than the iPhones.

Tesla’s New Smartphone – Tesla Model Pi Phone is Going to be Release Soon

Recently many trusted sources posted that Tesla is going to release a smartphone called the tesla pi phone, but is it true? tesla is really going to launch a smartphone? well, it is not officially confirmed by Tesla that they are going to launch a phone.

But, Rumours are very strong and these rumors come from various trusted sources so we can say that This rumor Is true, and Tesla is going to launch a Tesla smartphone soon.


What Will be the Specifications of the Tesla Model Pi Phone?

When we talk about the Specifications of the Tesla smartphone, it is going to be a flagship-level smartphone or we can say that more than a flagship-level phone because it has unbelievable features that the general smartphone doesn’t have.

This phone is going to come with an AMOLED display and corning gorilla glass 6 from both front and back also an in-camera lens.

Tesla Model Pi Phone comes with many unbelievable features that other smartphone does not have. It has the feature to control your phone with your brain.

you can charge your battery of the Tesla smartphone with solar energy, as it has the feature of solar charging, this concept is useful for today’s world.

You will have the faster connectivity of Star-Link of SpaceX which is a powerful connection that gives you almost 200GB per second speed.

if you don’t know about star link, let me know that the star link is space-based internet connectivity that is used by SpaceX company. After some time it will be available for everybody along with this smartphone very soon.

Also, this Tesla smartphone comes with the feature of mining Mars’ cryptocurrency this feature is going to be very useful in the future.

Tesla’s Upcoming Projects After Tesla Model Pi Phone

From the reports, it has been found that Tesla is going to work on a few awesome projects that might you love. these projects can be done after the release of the Tesla model pi phone.

Tesla is an EV company (Electrical Vehicle) and now they want to grow up the company with some new projects like the Tesla Model Pi Phone which is going to release after some time.

We will discuss these upcoming projects of Tesla in another article. Thanks for visiting our site, have a great day and great health.
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