What is Hosting? Everything You Have To Know About Hosting

Hello everyone, today we are going to know everything about hosting, what is hosting? how we can use them, how hosting works, and what are the best hosting companies that provide you with better service.

What is hosting?

Well, if you don’t know what is hosting then let me explain to you, hosting is a virtual store where you can host a website, apps, or any other services virtually.
It is like storage for your website’s files and media but it is virtual.
Now I think you will understand what is hosting. Now we are going to see how many types of hosting are there.
So there are mainly 4 types of hosting that are cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS ( virtual private servers), and dedicated hosting.
Now you have to explain that these hostings are used in multi-purpose and for different ways. We will discuss this topic in this article later.

How hosting works

As I have already told you that it will create a virtual space or storage for your website’s files and media so that users can use hosting as they want.

How we can use hosting?

Well if you are a blogger then you already know how we can use hosting in our works but if you are a beginner and want to create your own business using hosting then let me tell you that hosting can be used to host your online business in a form of website or hosting.
If you are new in the blogging field then you should create a website using hosting and start writing content on your website as soon your article starts ranking on Google you will make money through that website. Trust me you can earn lots of money even if you can’t earn that much money in Normal jobs or work you will do.
I’ll also explain how you can easily make a website for yourself and start earning online.
So please read this whole article because if you will miss something you will not be able to earn money.
But before creating a website you must know which hosting is best for you. So let’s see which hosting company is providing the best service.

Best hosting companies?

So there is various web hosting platform that provides hosting service. Some are very expensive and some are very cheap but I know that you are a beginner you want something good and as well as affordable so I will tell you 3 most affordable web hosting. Please be sure that these hosting that I am going to tell you are the best in average price there are also other web hosting platforms available that give you the best hosting service but they are very expensive so today I’ll tell you the best web hosting platform that is affordable.
1. Namecheap
2. Hostinger
3. Hostgator


Well, I am using these 3 web hosting platforms and I am very surprised that they provide the best services at a low cost that are affordable as well as the best at this price.
I’ll explain these 3 web hosting one by one, their profits, and their limitations so please read this article carefully.
First of all let me tell you about NameCheap hosting services if I tell you what I like about NameCheap hosting is that their uptime is almost 100 percent. You will never face downtime on your website if you are using NameCheap hosting services. One more thing I like about NameCheap hosting services is it is not so costly. An average blogger can afford this hosting service easily.

Namecheap hosting services Plans

These Hosting Plans are for a particular person or an organization. if you want to purchase a reseller hosting plan of Namecheap you can purchase but it will be costly. so i am giving you all shared hosting plans.


Price- about 1700
Free Domain Name
Host up to 3 Websites
Free CDN

Steller Plus

Price- about 2700
Free Domain Name
Host Unlimited Websites
Unmetered SSD

Stellar Business

Price –  about 4500
Free Domain Name
Host Unlimited Websites
AutoBackup & Cloud Storage


You must know this hosting company that is hostinger because almost every YouTuber has once in their life promoted this hosting service. Well, hosting is also a good hosting service for beginners because their services are very optimistic and easy to use.
Hostinger is also the best hosting service for the average blogger who has 50k to 150k visitors per month.
When I joined WordPress from Bloggers I used hostinger hosting services I am very satisfied with their services but I faced one issue there that is they said that in that plan you can host almost 100 websites but when I hosted 10+ websites there, I see that my websites are sometimes gone to be not responsive. I have faced downtime. But if you want to host one or two websites then it will be best for you. Go for it.

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